Software Development


Web and Application Design

Our main area of expertise, and our focus, is with application development, primarily centered on the web as the medium. However, as was noted on the home page, the internet offers much more than the most people think. We provide everything from basic "brochure" sites (a couple of pages with a focus of marketing and visual appeal) to full intranet applications (the sky is the limit on what these can do).

Regardless of what you want, the easiest way to find out what the internet and FireTiger can do for you, is to simply Contact Us so we can come meet with you and help you determine what you want and what you need. We want to provide the best service and product as possible for your company, and that is what will be delivered once the project is completed.

We take pride in our project lifecycle as it has been so beneficial to so many of our clients in the past. We will build you a complete web site or application solution custom designed for your organization based on the design document that we create with you. Before you commit to anything, you will see example screenshots of what the system will look like and the feature requirements of what the system will do. And throughout the entire process, you can always see the site at its current development stage (and even try it out live whenver you want) as it takes shape and grows to its final, completed form.

Information Technology Solutions

We also offer basic information technology solutions such as workstation and server administration, procurement recommendations and research, backup solutions, workstation cleanup (increase bootup/operation speed, remove spyware/adware, antivirus, fix software installation or hardware driver bugs, etc.) and other related IT tasks. We have the abilities to perform all of the these tasks on various platforms including all versions of Windows and distributions of Linux at either the individual, business, or enterprise levels. Please Contact Us if you have questions regarding the specific IT services we offer or if you would like to hire us.