Software Development

About Us

FireTiger has been around for many years working in many of the various information technology arenas including technical support, hardware, gaming, and the development of desktop, client, server, mobile, and web applications. Our expertise however, is in all levels of application design and development.

For so many companies, the internet is a simple thing—it's just a digital brochure to them. The reality is that the internet is a very complex tool, and has many, many uses to fill the various needs of all sorts of organizations, be they professional, education, personal, or anything really. It is our goal to match up the latest and best technology to the people who need it.

Unlike other development consulting firms, FireTiger never pushes our opinions on our clients. We thoroughly review what your business needs and what your problems are. We then use our extensive knowledge of the various technologies, frameworks, idealogies, and solutions out there to match up the best and most efficient fit for your organization. We work with what you have and want, and present you with the best options available.

FireTiger doesn't make thrown together, cheap web sites or applications so that we can make a buck or two. No, we help you find the best solution available, custom designed and tailored to your needs, and deliver a professional, quality product that will be exactly what you want and need within the requirements and goals of the project--no more, no less.

Many of our clients are surprised at the level of product we can bring to the table, especially with the resource that are available. The internet and information technology is always growing rapidly, and we are staying on top of all the changes to make sure we have latest knowledge on the subject, so that we can make your life as easy and productive as possible in as efficient a manner as possible.

If you want to find out more about what kind of custom solutions we can bring to improve your life, please contact us.

About This Site

Developed in early 2007, this site exists to describe and showcase the work of FireTiger. Just like all of our sites, it conforms to modern web standards including interface guidelines, validations, and accessibility. The site utilizes cutting edge web technologies to provide a rich interface for the users with modern browsers, yet still provides an acceptable interface for users with browsers of lesser capabilities.

So how do we do this? It starts with a valid, semantically-marked HTML document. Then, layout and visual styles are applied with a common CSS file, to give it a rich visual appeal without complicating the HTML structure or filling it with unecessary code, thus saving bandwidth. Images are custom cut to be as small as possible without losing important visual data (in other words, we keep them looking good without taking too long to load). They are also strategically positioned so that changes and alterations to individual images will not affect page layout or other images where possible. Finally, JavaScript is gracefully loaded, if supported, to add extra rich-client features (and even fix some common errors from a few older and poorly written browsers that are still widely used) that, though not required to navigate and browse the site, enhance it's visual appeal and ease of use. Due to this proper use of valid markup and cross-browser design, the site appears almost exactly the same in all major browsers.

Of course, as much as we strive for standards compliance, there are times when it becomes more work than it is worth. For example, when designing a site for large, well known university, we were instructed to follow accessibility guidelines. But as we got to the end of the project, we (both FireTiger and the client) realized that some of the more impractical guidelines at some of the deeper levels were actually detracting from the site's usability for all users, not just the ones with extra accessibility requirements. In other cases, the cost to work around an extra errant tag than is completely harmless (not breaking any layout or data), is sometimes too high to be worth the cost to the client. We aim to provide the best product for our clients as possible and that includes efficiency on our part. Sometimes, that means using more "proper" markup, and sometimes that just means letting a harmless "validation" slide. It all depends on what is best for the client and their site's users.

What’s Next?

We haven't updated the layout or code for this site since it was created in 2007. In web terms, that is an eternity! Fixed width, minimal semantic markup, no mobile styles, etc. Some day we'll update this site to be as advanced as our client's sites. If only we had time in between client projects, but we're always booked for months. For now, use this site for informational purposes. If you want a sample of our recent work, check out the Portfolio page or Contact Us for more information.