Software Development


Below are only a few examples of the quality work completed by the team at FireTiger:

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Digital Scout -
(formerly named HSGameCenter)
[Digital Scout football stat entry app icon] [Digital Scout basketball app icon]

Live event play-by-play and stats for sports such as basketball, volleyball, and football. Jon Adams was added to the team at Digital School Network, and eventually was responsible for the technical side of the web site, API, infrastructure, and mobile apps. Directly involved in full-stack coding for the front-end and multiple back-end web sites, stats engine, API, and Android apps. Also involved in the iOS app design and code reviews.

We were so successful at DSN with the Digital Scout product, the product was acquired in early 2014 from the Digital School Network by PlayOn Sports. Jon Adams and the team at PlayOn Sports continue to develop the Digital Scout product, integrating it with the PlayOn "NFHS Network" high school sports video product. Additionally, developing other PlayOn Sports technologies and applications.

Then in the fall of 2017, Jon Adams acquired Digital Scout to continue running the product apart from PlayOn Sports.

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- Horizons Companies -
[Horizons Companies web site screenshot] A complete rehaul of the main company web site. Includes full CMS abilities so non-technical employees can upload complicated content and videos without any need to know any Photoshop or HTML while still providing a high-quality level of content and layout. A mobile version is built into the site with mobile-friendly CSS that uses the same JavaScript and HTML markup of the desktop version. Displays high-resolution HTML5 video (when available, otherwise a Flash fallback) that is accessible on all devices, including most handheld devices.
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- CSC Worldwide -
[CSC Worldwide web site screenshot] Product catalog and company information site. Administration wizard to walk the user through entering complex data as easy as possible. Simple flash graphics helping showcase some of the company's products. Developing an extranet to help facilitate better communication between the client, their clients, and their partners. Modern web site with advanced features towards the goal of making powerful tools available to all users, regardless of their technical abailities.
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- Romanelli & Hughes -
[Romanelli & Hughes web site screenshot] Dynamic public web site pulling data from their complete extranet site used for managing sales data, clients, realtors, homes and lots, and much of their other business data. Includes such special features as document uploading and management, mailing label generation and printing directly from the browser. The site was custom designed with extra attention to the unique business processes and requirements of the custom home building industry to best facilitate the efficiency and usefullness of this site for Romanelli & Hughes.
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- ibuy (The Ohio State University) -
[iBuy web site screenshot] Custom CMS intranet web site that helps market their contracts and preferred vendors to other employees at the university. Includes the ability for any non-technical users to edit content for the site directly inside their browser. Fully valid markup and style sheets; also meets government accessability requirements. The most recent addition to the site was the inclusion of service requests to an external PeopleSoft entity that would redirect users to a page based on the result of the XML response sent by the PeopleSoft server.
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PharmaForce -
[PharmaForce web site screenshot] Public web site for the marketing of their unique product. Site includes a Flash marketing graphic on the front page. All pages have dynamic content and are managed via an in-browser WYSIWYG editor without the use of any browser plugins. Any PharmaForce employee with the proper authorization and basic word processing skills can edit the web site at their own leisure.
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- Columbus Public Schools -
[Columbus Public Schools web site screenshot] Complete site redesign including the ability for anyone to manage the content on the site including news, alerts, school closings and user management with many levels of security according to each user's responsibilities. Also includes a built-in system for all of the schools in the school system to have their own web site with their own users who can manage their own content. All of the content editing is done right in the browser through a WYSIWYG editor (similar to Microsoft Word's interface). (Link coming soon, as the site is not yet live.)
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