Height 5'9"
Weight 190 lbs.
Age 22 years

Story After destroying Fulgore a furious Jago is betrayed by his onetime master the Tiger Spirit. The disguised demon lord used him to escape from the void and now Jago swears vengeance.

Special Moves

Laser Blade Down ForwardDownDown Back [FP]
Windkick Down ForwardDownDown Back [K]
Ninja Slide Down BackDownDown Forward [K]
Endouken DownDown ForwardForward [P]
Fake Endouken DownDown ForwardForward [QK]
Red Endouken Hold [FP] DownDown ForwardForward Release [FP]
Tiger Fury ForwardDownDown Forward [P]
Air Juggle Down ForwardDownDown Back [K]
Throw Toward [FP]
Reversal Back [FP]
Counter Move Back [QP]
Pressure Move Toward [FK]
Combo Breaker ForwardDownDown Forward [P/K]
Ultra Breaker DownDown BackBackDown BackDownDown ForwardForward [FP] *6 Blocks*
Recovery Move ForwardDownDown Forward [P]

Jago (KI)Super Moves

Tiger Trash DownDown BackBackDown BackDownDown ForwardForward [FP] *6 Blocks*
Shadow Move Down ForwardDownDown BackForward [MK] *3 Blocks*
Super Endouken ForwardDown ForwardDownDown BackBack [QP] *4 Blocks*


Mini Ultra Down BackDownDown Forward [QK]
Ultra Combo Down ForwardDownDown Back [QK]
Ultimate Laser Sword Stab DownDown ForwardForward [FK]
No Mercy Fireball Scorcher (Toward)Down ForwardDownDown BackBackForward [MP]


Windkick Down ForwardDownDown Back [K]
Slide Kick Down BackDownDown Forward [K]
Laser Sword Down ForwardDownDown Back [MP/FP]
CCA Wind Kick Down ForwardDownDown Back [MK]
Laser Sword Down ForwardDownDown Back [MP]
Slide Kick Down BackDownDown Forward [QK/MK]
Windkick Down ForwardDownDown Back [QK/MK]
Super Linkers  
Multihit Windkick Down ForwardDownDown ForwardForward [MK]
Slide Kick Down BackDownDown ForwardBack [FK]
Windkick Down ForwardDownDown Back [FK]
Laser Sword Down ForwardDownDown Back [FP]
Tiger Fury DownForwardDown Forward [FP]
Endouken DownDown ForwardForward [FP]
Hidden DownForwardDown Forward [MP]
Ultra Buffer DownDown BackBackDown BackDownDown ForwardForward [FP]
Jago vs Glacius


  Laser Blade Ninja Slide Windkick
Fulgore Cyber Dash Plasma Shield Eye Laser
Kim Wu Tornado Kick Firecracker Split Kick
Maya Flip Kick Savage Blades Mantis
Orchid Flik Flak San Tiger Slide
Jago Windkick Laser Blade Ninja Slide
Glacius Cold Shoulder Liquidize Icy Grip
Combo TJ Tremor Spinfist Rollercoaster
Sabrewulf Sabrewheel Sabrespin Sabrepounce
Spinal Skeleskwer Flame Blade Skull Scrape
Tusk Boot Kick Web of Death Skull Splitter